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What is a Fuse Box?

A fuse box, also known as a circuit breaker or consumer unit, is a vital component in your electrical system that protects your home and electronics from power surges and short circuits. It is responsible for controlling and distributing the electrical power throughout your home and is typically located in a utility room or garage.

Fuse Box Installation:

  • Consultation: Our team will come to your home and assess your current electrical system to determine the best type of fuse box for your needs.
  • Planning: We will create a detailed plan for installing your new fuse box, ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained.
  • Disconnection: Our technicians will safely disconnect the power supply to your old fuse box before proceeding with the installation.
  • Installation: Your new fuse box will be expertly installed by our skilled technicians, ensuring a precise and efficient process.
  • Testing: Our team will thoroughly test your new fuse box to ensure it works properly after installation.
  • Cleanup: We will leave your home clean and tidy without evidence of the installation process.

If you have a circuit that occasionally trips, don’t just leave it until next time. Nuisance tripping like this is a fault that should be made safe.

The costs of replacing a fuse box or upgrading a consumer unit to a more recent once can vary greatly as it will depend on many factors such as:

  • Which type of consumer unit is needed 
  • The number of circuits required
  • How old the exiting installation is

It is best to speak to one of our qualified electricians first to get a free quote.

A typical replacement (Labour and part) will cost between £410 and £585

    Tripping fuses, faulty switches and broken sockets shouldn’t be left without being repaired. They all represent a potential risk of electric shock.

    The most common causes of a fuse to trip or blow are:

    • An electrical circuit is overloaded
    • Too many appliances used together
    • An faulty appliance is being used
    • Electric cooker rings are faulty
    • A problem with an immersion heater
    • Poor connections on appliance leads
    • Faulty lamps blowing

    If you have a circuit that occasionally trips, don’t just leave it until next time. Nuisance tripping like this is a fault that should be made safe.

    When the fault is located, as long as you are still in the first hour and no extra materials are needed, then the fault will be fixed at no extra cost. If the fault needs additional work and materials, we will issue you with a free quote to fix the fault.

    Our Professional Electrical Fault Finding Services are very popular as we can identify and diagnose many different types of Faults including Faulty Wiring on your Lighting Circuits , Plug Sockets which are damaged and even wiring faults and issues with Fuse Boxes and Consumer Units.

    At EES we pride ourselves on having the experience and the right equipment for the job. We are able to do Full Investigations / Diagnose and advise on the right solutions to Rectify and Repair any Faults you maybe experiencing. Even if parts are required we can normally have your electrics fixed on the very same day.